AMEB Partnership - Online exams

Web Ed Development is the online learning partner for the Australian Music Examinations Board. Our first joint project was making online Music Theory exams available. Our advanced music marking software which was already in use in the eMusic Theory product was the perfect technology for achieving this goal.

The new online exams are equal in every way to the existing paper based exams and use our patented technology that allows the candidates to draw musical elements on screen just like with a pencil on paper.

eMusic Theory

Breaking News: This product is currently undergoing a redevelopment which will result in it becomming the official AMEB branded online theory course.

Learning music theory is fun, the eMusic Theory way. Unlike the current paper-based theory books, we have included music computer games, aural training with real sounds, interactive instrument fingering charts and video tutorials, all available at your command. Add to that a series of tests and exams that help you put your new found knowledge to use and you have the ultimate online learning tool. Go to http://www.theory.com.au now to see eMusic Theory for yourself.

The eMusic Theory course is not only fun, it is also the only software that fully adheres to the current AMEB syllabus standards. Most importantly, eMusic Theory lessons are exciting and fun because real musical sounds are attached to the notes. That's right! With eMusic Theory you will actually hear the notes you are looking at. You will be interacting directly with the theory in a musical way, by listening and performing on your instrument. This important feature is what makes eMusic Theory so unique and so much more interactive and enjoyable than books!

eMusic Theory is pleased to present to you our patented assessment technology. This means that:

  1. Musical elements are drawn using a mouse, similar to using pencil
  2. All answers are marked instantly, including detailed written feedback using the very latest technology developed by eMusic theory.
  3. Students results are automatically collated, ready for Teacher monitoring

What a time saver!

Check out our constantly expanding range of interactive games, in the style of the traditional music arcade game, but with an advanced twist. There's no need for a traditional game console, because eMusic Theory's latest gaming technology enables you to use your own musical instrument as the new game controller. Imagine playing notes on your musical instrument to actually move the on-screen characters in the computer game!