Step 1. - Create a username

Before you dive in and test the exam you need to create a username. Once you have done that you will be brought back to this screen where you can continue to the next step.

nb. The userID you create here today is not an AMEB candidate ID and will not register you for formal AMEB exams.

Create your username

Step 2. - Sit an Exam

Once you have created your username you are ready to sit an exam. There are two exams for you to choose from today. The first is the Grade 1 Theory Exam. The second is the Preliminary Aural Exam. Start an exam by clicking on the link of the exam you wish to attempt below.

Start a new Theory Exam
Start a new Aural Exam

Step 3. - Check your results

One of the really great things about computer based examinations is that they can be marked automatically and in less time that it takes to even find that nasty old red pen. If you have sat one of the exams on display here today you can now see you results.

View Exam Results